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Good Coffee First and Foremost

Interview, Photography by Annie Liao

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《Luguo Cafe》
.Hour: 1500 - 2200
.Tel: 02-2771-9251
.Add: 1, Lane 32, Sec. 1, Dihua St.
Luguo Cafe Blog

1. Why did you open this coffee shop?

I met some coffee experts while learning about coffee varietals, which helped me become a coffee geek and open this shop.

2. Why here?

I used to come here for clothing materials (I was an art major). Plus, I like the feeling of searching for something, which makes this insular place an ideal location.

3. How did you come up with the name?

The name of the shop, which means "pot" in Mandarin, sounds the same as my last name. How convenient!

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4. What do you remember the most at this cafe?

Our place is so comfortable that many of our regulars fall asleep on the couch.

5. Who do you remember the most at this cafe?

There was once a costumer who kept ordering our coffee like he would never have enough of it.

6. What's your least favorite question from costumers?

I don't really have any pet peeves. We hope to spread the knowledge about coffee, so any question is welcome.

7. What's your most memorable cafe?

There was a coffee shop near Paris Opera House. The pace in the store was amazingly fast: Everyone was standing while drinking coffee. And the baristas were cute.

8. What food goes best with coffee?

I suggest getting some water before enjoying coffee. It allows to you taste the essence of coffee with a clean palate. You can have cake afterward.

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9. Any food or beverage recommendation for foreigners?

Coffee made with our own coffee bean, of course!

10. Where is your favorite seat in this cafe?

The long bench along the bar. Sitting on it always brings me back to my childhood.

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11. What kind of music goes best with coffee?

Depends on the style of my coffee shops (I own two shops.) This one is good for Latin Jazz, while the other one goes well with post-rock music.

12. Recommendations for non-coffee drinkers?

Herbal tea. The ingredients are from the famous street nearby, which sells high-quality herbs and Chinese medicine.

13. What's your favorite coffee flavor?

Geisha from Panama. It tastes like perfume, and gives you different tastes at once.

14. When do you drink coffee?

I've got to have one first thing in the morning. As for the rest of the day, I treat coffee like water. Did I mention that I am a coffee geek?

15. How did you fall for coffee?

I accidentally had one of the most amazing coffee at a gathering. So began my love for coffee.

16. What's the link between coffee and personality?

Espresso is for hasty people. Those who enjoy slower pace should try some black coffee.

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17. What's the style of your store?

A retro style filled with antique furniture from Taiwan.

18. In one sentence, describe your cafe.

Luguo Café only makes good coffee.

19. In your opinion, what makes Taiwan special?

People. We are open, friendly to and passionate about anything exotic.

20. What's your favorite place in Taiwan?

Tainan City. It preserves the most complete retro style and is full of charming ancient houses.

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