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Interview, Photography by Terrisa Yuan

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《Laku Laku》
.Hour: 1300-2200
.Tel: 02-2769-0609
.Add: 129, Yang-So St.
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1. Why did you open this coffee shop?

It had been a dream to me when I got out of school. About two years ago, I started going to different cafes, and the cappuccino I had at Rufous got me interested in espresso, which then brought me to a determination to open this store.

2. Why here?

I like the neighborhood. Lots of trees bring about a cozy atmosphere.

3. How did you come up with the name?

Laku laku means relaxing in Japanese. We want our costumers to feel relaxed and carefree when they come here.

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4. What do you remember the most at this cafe?

We’ve dealt with a lot of sticky situations here. The crazy ones are those with kids that tend to mess up the restroom and affect other costumers.

5. Who do you remember the most at this cafe?

One of our costumers loves the lemon cake that my wife makes. She would order it as take-out and sometimes even buy the rest of the cake in the cabinet!

6. What's your least favorite question from costumers?

We don’t really have one, expect for when some costumers want us to look after their cars, which are parked illegally.

7. What's your most memorable cafe?

Rufous. Everything in the store feels right to me, ranging from the smell, lighting to the atmosphere. The owner is charming, too.

8. What food goes best with coffee?

The best combination in our shop is iced Americano with our homemade lemon cake.

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9. Any food or beverage recommendation for foreigners?

Iced mocha for its rich taste.

10. Where is your favorite seat in this cafe?

The bar. It has the richest vitality in the store.

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11. What kind of music goes best with coffee?

Kings of Convenience by Riot An Empty Street works on all occasions. I would also put Incubus or Alien Ant Farm during busy hours.

12. Recommendations for non-coffee drinkers?

For girls, I recommend brown sugar milk. As for guys, they can try our beer.

13. What's your favorite coffee flavor?

Iced Americano. I can get the purest taste of coffee.

14. When do you drink coffee?

I would try different tastes of coffee (e.g. with or without milk) throughout the day. Normally I would have 4 to 5 cups a day.

15. How did you fall for coffee?

We will not understand the charm of coffee until we have high-quality coffee. But the real charm happens in the making of coffee. I think it's what makes Barista highly protective of the flavor s/he creates.

16. What's the link between coffee and personality?

There is no definite answer. My own taste changes, too. Sometimes I crave latte, and other times it turns into Americano.

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17. What's the style of your store?

We strive to create a carefree environment so the costumers can get quality time with themselves.

18. In one sentence, describe your cafe.

Laku Laku is a relaxing, carefree coffee shop.

19. In your opinion, what makes Taiwan special?

People. The friendliness and kindness.

20. What's your favorite place in Taiwan?

Hualien. It’s very laid-back. I like Yilan, too, for the same reason.

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