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Here's Your Next Best Coffee

Interview, Photography by Annie Liao

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.Hour: 1400 - 2230
.Tel: 02-2771-9251
.Add: 63, Alley 161, Dunhua S. Rd.

1. Why did you open this coffee shop?

It started out as a photography studio, but my friend and I thought the spaciousness could serve a better function. Then the idea of opening a café kicked in, which then became what you see now.

2. Why here?

It’s a great location to boost revenues.

3. How did you come up with the name?

It’s based on the word Costume (I studied costume design back in college.) Adding it to my English name and that of my partner’s, Chris and Charlie, voila! A perfect name for our coffee shop was born.

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4. What do you remember the most at this cafe?

Can’t really think of one thing right now. That does remind me of some interesting people.

5. Who do you remember the most at this cafe?

The other day, a foreigner got lost and asked me direction near out store. So I invited her and her friends in. After a little chat, I found that she was a famed Spanish singer: Misia. Turns out she came to Taiwan to perform at the National Concert Hall. She later came to our store again and handed me one of her CDs.

6. What's your least favorite question from costumers?

I don't like it when they ask for more or less sugar and milk without having had our drinks. I hope they taste the milk-sugar-coffee ratio we so meticulously provide first.

7. What's your most memorable cafe?

Coffee Sweet. They are skilled at making coffee, and they have a variety of black coffee flavors.

8. What food goes best with coffee?

Iced water. It becomes sweeter when I drink it right after drinking a good coffee.

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9. Any food or beverage recommendation for foreigners?

Drink: Our hand drip coffee. Food: Spicy sticky rice. We have a special recipe from Charles, my co-owner.

10. Where is your favorite seat in this cafe?

The fake fireplace in front of the sofa, or the big table by the bar. That table used to be the gate of an ancient house.

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11. What kind of music goes best with coffee?

Depends on the owner of the coffee shop. Music should go with their personalities, not coffee.

12. Recommendations for non-coffee drinkers?

Matgori, our special alcoholic drink.

13. What's your favorite coffee flavor?

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. It’s got the smell of an apple. The taste is refreshing.

14. When do you drink coffee?

First thing in the morning. I will also get a drink or two in the afternoon.

15. How did you fall for coffee?

My mom loved making coffee when I was little. Drinking it made me feel like an adult. Besides, I think coffee machine is a lot of fun.

16. What's the link between coffee and personality?

Latte drinkers usually play it safe. Those who drink iced drip coffee are more adventurous.

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17. What's the style of your store?

A music-loving, spacious place with a laid-back feel.

18. In one sentence, describe your cafe.

Costumice gives you a better coffee time.

19. In your opinion, what makes Taiwan special?

People. You can hardly find a selfish person here, even strangers will help you out.

20. What's your favorite place in Taiwan?

Dulan, Taitung. Aside from its scenic views, there's a hippy style art village, in which international artists set up booth and showcase their work.

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