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The Energy and Mood You Need

Interview, Photography by Terrisa Yuan

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《Cafe Junkies》
.Hour: 0730-2000
.Tel: 886-2-2717-4747
.Add: 9, Chieng-Kang Rd.
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1. Why did you open this coffee shop?

I was working part-time in a coffee shop, that was when I fell for coffee. I was determined to start my own café at the time. After working as an AE and translator for a decade, I started to seriously plan my café dream. It took me three years to build this dream.

2. Why here?

I thought about having my shop in a business district. But the space here matches my ideal American-style modern café.

3. How did you come up with the name?

I wanted to call it Little Trash because I started collecting used items, but apparently it’s not an auspicious name. Junkie has a duel meaning: addiction, which is what coffee might bring, and trash, which fits my original intent.

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4. What do you remember the most at this cafe?

Two years ago, I met a Japanese couple while researching my coffee business. We hadn’t been in touch until last month, when they suddenly showed up at my store. They decided to pay me a visit after seeing on Facebook that I finally realized my dream. It was an amazing encounter.

5. Who do you remember the most at this cafe?

There’s a lady who lives upstairs. She rarely smiles, never orders coffee when she comes to my store. One day, she brought me red wine and told me she liked old stuff, too. She later gave me a wooden old box to put in the store.

6. What's your least favorite question from costumers?

"What’s your signature drink?" It’s like being asked which kid do you favor most?

7. What's your most memorable cafe?

I have high expectations for a coffee shop, so it’s hard to find one that fits my ideal category. But “Little Café Freedom” is a coffee shop that means a lot to me. It gave me energy when I was planning this shop. The owner offered tremendous help along the way, too.

8. What food goes best with coffee?

There’s no definite answer. I don’t eat anything while drinking coffee.

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9. Any food or beverage recommendation for foreigners?

Soda with espresso.

10. Where is your favorite seat in this cafe?

I like sitting by the bar so I can observe the coffee-making process or chat with the baristas.

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11. What kind of music goes best with coffee?

It’s space, not coffee, that determines music style. Our store is good for folk music, since it’s filled with wooden texture.

12. Recommendations for non-coffee drinkers?

Earl grey tea or milkshake.

13. What's your favorite coffee flavor?

Black coffee. It’s the simplest yet closest to the core of coffee.

14. When do you drink coffee?

I will have one first thing in the morning. It’s an addiction for me. I’ll have about 5 cups each day.

15. How did you fall for coffee?

During high school, I thought going to cafés was a cool thing to do. It was only after learning to make coffee that I started to fall for it. Coffee is interesting, each has its own characteristics and stories to tell.

16. What's the link between coffee and personality?

This one is difficult. For me, black coffee is like a girl without any makeup, while caramel macchiato is girl with heavy makeup.

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17. What's the style of your store?

Spontaneous, offering greatest freedom to the costumers with awesome music.

18. In one sentence, describe your cafe.

Come here relaxed, and leave feeling energized.

19. In your opinion, what makes Taiwan special?

People. Taiwanese rarely argue, and are very friendly toward foreigners.

20. What's your favorite place in Taiwan?

Danshui. I did my military service there, and I like rivers. Besides, it’s got both culture and scenery.

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