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Good Coffee Energizes Offices

Interview, Photography by Yitina Liao

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《Black Bar Cafe》
.Hour: 0730-1930, 0900-1900 (Weekends)
.Tel: 02-2748-3594
.Add: No. 184, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd.

1. Why did you open this coffee shop?

I like coffee. So does the owner of this shop. He had lots of coffee when he was serving the mandatory military terms.

2. Why here?

Hoping to bring good coffee to office workers, we chose to open a café in an office building.

3. How did you come up with the name?

Coffee is black, and every coffee shop should have a bar.

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4. What do you remember the most at this cafe?

I always feel touched when some young couples took wedding pictures at our store.

5. Who do you remember the most at this cafe?

An Italian guy liked our coffee when he was learning Mandarin in Taiwan. Now he and his Taiwanese girlfriend still pay us a visit when they come back to Taiwan.

6. What's your least favorite question from costumers?

"Is your coffee any good?"

7. What's your most memorable cafe?

Campos Coffee in Australia. It’s my boss’s ideal coffee shop.

8. What food goes best with coffee?

Light meals.

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9. Any food or beverage recommendation for foreigners?

I would ask them if they prefer any flavor. If not, I would recommend our brown sugar latte, because they don’t seem to have that recipe in the foreign countries.

10. Where is your favorite seat in this cafe?

The corner opposite to the bar. It’s more insular and we can therefore see how coffee is made at the bar.

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11. What kind of music goes best with coffee?

Can’t really think of one right now.

12. Recommendations for non-coffee drinkers?

Hot cocoa. We make it more foamy than other places.

13. What's your favorite coffee flavor?

I used to drink more milky ones, but now that I desire the original taste, I prefer black coffee.

14. When do you drink coffee?

In the morning. Not because I need energy, but because it feels good.

15. How did you fall for coffee?

I needed somthing to slow me down. Coffee does that and makes me feel more casual.

16. What's the link between coffee and personality?

Hard to tell by the looks, but maybe latte is suitable for someone with a mild personality.

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17. What's the style of your store?


18. In one sentence, describe your cafe.

We strive to make good coffee.

19. In your opinion, what makes Taiwan special?

Friendly people and delicious snack food.

20. What's your favorite place in Taiwan?

Night views. It just feels nice to look at the city at night.

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